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White Fishes

Origin : Bangladesh
Source : Wild Caught
Process : Raw (Whole/Fillet)
Availability : Stock Available

Brackish/Fresh Water Whitefishes from Bangladesh

Whitefish is found everywhere in the world. White fish is always delicious, and can be found among chefs’ favourite ingredients to work with when fresh.

Witefish is known for its mild flavor and high omega-3 fatty acid content. It is generally favored by those who dislike stronger fishy taste and is a common choice for fish fries. Its delicate white flesh is essentially flaky and has wealthy taste. Its reputation is attributed to its versatility since whitefish can be utilized as the primary ingredient in nearly any recipe for white-fleshed fish and is well-liked for smoking.

Exported species are a variety of captured fish of which the most well known is the Hilsha shad (Hilsha ilisha). The cultured species with the highest export potential are Pangasius (Pangasius hypophthalmus) and Tilapia (Oreochromis spp).

The most important markets for frozen fish are the UK, Saudi Arabia, the US and to some extent Italy and China. Most products are exported as block frozen and an almost negligible part as fillets.

A Short View Of Fresh Whitefishes

In Bangladesh:
  Wild Caught/Farm Raised
Peak Season:
  All Year Round
Processing Type:
  Raw (Whole/Fillet/Gutless/Sliced/Steaks/Head-on/Headless)
Freezing Type:
  IQF, Semi IQF & BQF (block quick frozen)
Production Types:
  • Raw Whole Cleaned Whitefishes
  • Raw Whole Cleaned Head-on/Headless
  • Raw Cleaned Whitefishes Fillet
  • Raw Cleaned Whitefishes Sliced
  • Raw Cleaned Whitefishes Small Cut
  • and many more...
Packing Style:
  As per buyer’s instruction.
  100% Natural, No Moisture Additives of Preservatives.
  Free from Antibiotic
  All Whitefishes have uniformity of natural color, size and good condition within a unit. No bad color or flavors are allowed.
  All products are produced by followed HACCP based GMP, SOP, and SSOP. All production related workers always maintain personal hygiene and sanitation.

Note: We may produce and supply any specified Size/ Variant/ Packet Variety/Value addition for either Buyers’ Brands and/or Packer’s– as per Buyers’ Requirements.