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Really nice seafood items here, you get what you pay for. I don’t mind paying a little more for quality. Staff are really helpful. I thoroughly recommend you pay this business a visit.

Edward Singha
NeoStar Innovation

They export fresh and great quality shrimp items to us. Always great friendly service with a smile. Wouldn’t shop anywhere else, highly recommended. A delight to visit!!

Wim David
Seacorin NV

Thay have everything from premium quality of prawns through to crab and lobster and everything in-between, fresh and also frozen. Great friendly service, 100% recommended.

Andrew Charles
Express Fresh Fish

Good quality seafoods, with a listing of the current fresh catch, plus selection of frozen items too. Sold whole or by the cut, they will even take requests if its available at the market. Always friendly, Thank you.

Kazuhisa Azuma
A-Line Inc.

This was the best octopus I've bought online. The product was so fresh. The whole experience was fabulous. Shipping and packing materials were excellent. Prices are fair. Quality is top notch too."

Eric Lee
Lee Line Sourcing

BD Shrimp has been a great service partner. The fish is local, fresh, and high-quality. They delivered beautiful shrimp products to us. Delivery is always on time. I appreciate the sustainable packaging.

James Lock
Mastic Seafood