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Wholesale Seafood

We Provide Live, Fresh & Frozen Seafood

Buying seafood can be easier than it seems. Especially wholesale seafood. Buying wholesale items from us, will result in you paying a lower price for your items. Purchasing wholesale from us to source quality foods and produce at a lower cost. You’re then able to make more profit from the food that you sell. Purchasing your seafood bulk sale items will give you the ability to sell them at a higher price at your own store for profit.

If you’re looking into where to buy wholesale seafood, you might be the right place. We are one of the best all kinds of wholesale seafood distributors in Bangladesh. BD Shrimp has been sourcing, processing, and distributing the highest quality, sustainable seafood to our foodservice and retail customers across the Bangladesh. We are more than just a wholesale seafood distributor. We are a direct-importer and first receiver – eliminating the middleman by partnering closely with our trusted, veteran fishermen, processing in our own state-of-the-art facilities, and distributing directly. Our process exemplifies Vertical Integration in Seafood - total control of quality from dock to door.

We typically vary based on the kind of seafood you offer, it’s possible for you to get anything you want to be sent to you on-demand, whether it’s top-quality fresh or frozen, and more. We offer one-time ordering options and subscriptions option.