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Quality & Standard

Government Registered
HACCP Management System
BRC Global Standard
FDA & GMP Approved

Best Quality Seafood You Can Trust

We are a reliable seafood exporter, approved from the department of Fisheries & Livestock in Bangladesh. Our systems have been developed in line with food safety management systems of HACCP, GMP and BRC Global Standard. Also having FDA Certificate.

Quality over Quantity! Being a quality seafood exporter in Bangladesh, BD Shrimp Trading fully complies with all legal and mandatory Food Safety requirements. Our operations are in strict accordance with HACCP Food Safety Management System, all EU and FDA Food Safety Regulations. We have the ability to trace both forwards & backwards i.e. track a product/batch through all stages of production, processing and distribution. We ensure that the fish we purchase is caught in accordance with Sustainable and IUU (Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated) regulations. This allows us to safeguard our Customers and Workforce, and ensure that delivering high quality products is the number one priority making us one of the most reliable seafood exporters in Bangladesh.

Customer satisfaction is key to us, and our Quality Management Systems aim to provide high quality products that exceed customer expectations. Our Quality Assurance Team monitors each and every step of production process from the place of receiving to dispatching of final product. Products are evaluated for quality both online and randomly at each processing step to guarantee products with highest quality. Fully computerized data handling system of quality department guarantees 100% product tractability, to tackle with any negative consumer response.

Our quality control department is fully committed to satisfy the customers and delight them also. We always consider customer safety as our top priority. Our in-house laboratories are fully equipped with top quality laboratory equipment, modern technology and well experienced analysts to ensure product quality and safety. Our Company continually strives to Improve Food Safety and Quality and drives that culture from within our very core and all our employees, which make us one of the few quality seafood exporters in Bangladesh.

We continuously update and upgrade our safety, hygiene and quality of our products and staff. The company’s current food safety management system has been developed in accordance with BRC Global Standard and is applied to all products. The food safety management system in fully documented and consists of quality manual, procedure manual, HACCP manuals, forms and formats.

We uphold our continuous legacy as a Bangladeshi global brand renowned for quality excellence. We adhere to world-class standards in sourcing, product integrity and food safety. “Seafood you can trust” is our guarantee. It is what we are known for then, now and always.

Better Seafood for Tomorrow

Our concept of sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. From harvesting to processing, we adhere to sustainability protocols in minimising wastage and impact to the environment. We forge lasting partnerships with suppliers who ethically source seafood and share our conviction to constantly protect our future. At BD Shrimp Trading, our priority is making responsible decisions to meet our client’s seafood demands while being responsible to protect the environment and food supply of future generations.

Standard & Certification

We adhere to international standards of quality, food safety and hygiene. Our facilities and processes are routinely audited and certified for compliance.