Quality Policy

Quality control and follow-up

Food is a source of health. Nowadays, interest in food safety and security is increasing. For this reason, BD Shrimp is working to ensure safety. We have established a thorough quality control system, such as when and where the ingredients and products were caught and how they were processed. We also consider this a responsibility to our society.
We called on processors and group companies, our main business partners, to establish a QC Cooperation Committee to ensure strict quality control and safety.  A "safe and secure" management system including information exchange among members of the cooperative association, holding training and study sessions for quality management practitioners, building a management system, and checking production sites,

 We dispatch quality control staff to local factories to provide guidance and control to comply with hygiene and quality standards. We have established a system for safe and reliable use of the final product check system, which protects deliciousness by conducting sanitary inspections, visual inspections, and sensory tests to ensure thoroughness. In order to make those know-how visible to customers and raise the staff's awareness of quality, we have obtained external certification for the quality management system required at each site. Furthermore, we are working on higher quality assurance, such as unique quality standards for each item and careful follow-up.

Our Inspection system

BD Shrimp has established the Food Safety team as a department responsible for safety assurance based on scientific evidence, and verifies the safety of all products with scientific data and maintains the quality assurance capability of the entire group. The following activities are undertaken to improve this.

  • Conduct various tests for microorganisms, pesticides, veterinary drugs, allergens, etc.
  • Improvement of inspection system and technical support at production sites
  • Research, dissemination and development of new analytical techniques.

In order to verify product safety, we have established a system that can perform various tests on microorganisms, pesticides, veterinary drugs, allergens, etc. In addition to inspecting products delivered directly to customers, for example, we inspect raw materials used from the planning and development stages of products to ensure stable product quality.
Microorganisms and pesticide tests have been certified by the international standard ISO / IEC17025, ensuring the reliability of analysis at the global standard level.

Government Quality Policy:

Fish Inspection and Quality Control (FIQC) the local government sanitary/health authority of Bangladesh provides the health certificate which reflects the fact that the products are pass from all kind of Bacteriological test and ready for export. The fields of analysis are TPC, Coliform, Faecal coliform, Salmonella, Melanosis and Vibrio cholera, Chloramphenicol, Metabolites Nitro furans, Tetracycline/ Malachite Green/ Crystal Violet.

Third Party Inspection:

Pre-Shipment inspection and survey by SGS, Baltic Control, Lloyds or Intertek on request of clients.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

BD SHRIMP TRADING CORPOTARION has own quality and per-shipment inspection policy and strictly maintain it which assure the whole process of order from Production to Shipment and randomly check Freshness, Quality, Net Weight, Count, Packing and Labeling for each order before Shipment as well suggest Container Loading Plan according to clients need.