Harina Brown Shrimp

Medium-sized shrimps. Harina shrimp make up an important portion of crustaceans, which have an important commercial value in aquaculture industry. This shrimp is meaty, firm textured and mild in flavor.

Scientific name: Metapenaeus monoceros
Origin: Bangladesh
Source: Farm Raised
Peak season: April to October
Process Type: Raw & Cooked
Freezing Type: Block Frozen, Semi-IQF & IQF
Product line: Headless Shell on (HLSO)
Head on shell on (HOSO)
Easy Peel (Regular Cut)
Peeled & Deveined (Tail On / Tail Off)
PDTO (Butterfly Cut)
Cooked PDTO / P&D
PDTO Skewer
P&D Skewer
PUD (Peeled and Un-deveined)
Available Size: 41/50, 51/60, 71/90, 91/120, 100/200
Packing Style: 6x4 Lbs., 6x2Kg, 6x1.8Kg, 6x1.5kgs, 6x1.2kgs, 10x1Kg, 5x2Lbs, 10x2Lbs
Requirement: All products are produced by followed HACCP based GMP, SOP, and SSOP. All production related workers always maintain personal hygiene and sanitation.
Uniformity: 1.30 is the standard uniformity for all sizes. It means 10% largest vs. 10% smallest shrimps per unit.
Appearance: All shrimp have uniformity of natural color, size and good condition within a   unit. No bad color or flavors are allowed.

Note: We may produce and supply any specified Size/ Variant/ Packet Variety/Value addition for either Buyers’ Brands and/or Packer’s– as per Buyers’ Requirements

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