We are specialized in farming & producing soft shell crab such as mud crab/mangrove crab (scylla serrata) crabs are wild caught, grown without use of antibiotic or chemicals. Fresh fish are given as feed, naturally molted (we don’t cut the crabs legs to molt like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. “Medan style” for make shorter time to molt, these soft shell crab do not have meat) organic production.

Scientific name: Scylla Serrata
Origin: Bangladesh
Freezing Type: IQF (blast freezing)
Specs: less than 5% defrosting tolerance, IPP/IWP
Available Size: Size (gram), %, pcs /kg
70g-100g, 30%, 11-12pcs
100g-120g, 40%, 9-10pcs
120g-150g, 20%, 7-8pcs
150g-200g, 10%, 6-7pcs
Production date: last three month to till date running production
Packing Style: 1 kg x 10 inner boxes per master carton, net weight 10kg or   as per buyer’s instruction

Note: Other Species of Crab we do as per buyer’s requirement.

Categories of Crab