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Processes & Facilities

Steps of Production

We are one of the top seafood processing companies in the region, because our highly trained team of expert assessors choose only the best quality seafood for processing.


Sourcing Raw Materials

We purchase from reliable and registered suppliers or directly from the ministry approved vessels. We are committed to get our fish and seafood products from trusted sources which supply the highest possible quality.


Transported to Factory

After reaching shore, the fresh catch raw materials from the sea is washed and loaded on to refrigerated trucks (temperature at 0°C), and transported to BD Shrimp factory, whilst adhering to the highest hygiene standards.


Unloading and Selection

Chilled fish or seafood products from refrigerated trucks are unloaded, whilst adhering to all hygiene standards. The fish is then inspected for gaff marks and any external damage. Only standard quality products are accepted.


Temperature Checking

Temperature is measured at the point of unloading. We adhere to strict standards and any fish with high temperature and damage are returned immediately to the supplier.


Collecting Samples

The fish products with acceptable temperatures undergo a grading test and an experienced inspector cores each fish product and pulls out a sample of flesh from the center of the fish.


Grading & Quality Testing

This each collected sample is used to check quality and to categorize the fish into grades according to colour, texture and various other characteristics. The same sample is also sent to our laboratory for chemical testing.


Factory Processing

Catch data submitted by the suppliers are crosschecked and verified by our quality assurance team. Following which, the raw materials are processed in the factory according to all HACCP, EU and FDA standards/regulations.


Weighting & Packing

The fish are washed and thoroughly cleaned and the weight of each fish is measured. The processed fish are vacuum packed in to vacuum bags (LDPE + Nylon) and labelled. We pack the way you want it!


Master Packaging & Storage

The vacuum packed products are stored in ice slurries to maintain a constant temp. When ready for export, they are taken out and boxed in to rigifoam boxes / corrugated cartons with plenty of gel ice + dry ice and sealed. The box is labelled and then stored in cold rooms till dispatch.

Processing Facilities

Without seafood processing plants, the shelf lives of seafood products would be much shorter. Plants also help reduce food loss and food waste. For this, BD Shrimp has set up a shrimp & seafood processing plant to process and export 100% export quality frozen shrimps and seafood products.

Our processing plant is well equipped with high grade machines and equipments used in food manufacturing. This plat has also Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) to purify waste water and release safe water to environment to protect the nature. The in-house water treatment plant (WTP) RO system and UV treated Water line supplies safe water to every phase of the production process to ensure the best quality salubrious product.

This plant has also a well-organized in-house laboratory with neoteric lab appliances and well experienced analysts to ensure product quality and safety. We adopt a systematic approach to eliminate risk and hazard to ensure food safety and hygiene, through constant monitoring and continuous staff training.

Qualified and Skilled Team Members

Our highly trained team of expert assessors choose only the best quality seafood for processing. There are 100+ highly qualified and skilled employees working relentlessly in the factory. There are in-house training facilities where employees are getting trained under the leadership of HACCP’s team leader every month. Employees are provided training regarding food safety compliances as well as personal safety compliances. They are also assessed after training. Technically qualified and skilled personnel is being recruited to support the management in strategic and operational positions.

Food Safety Management

We adhere to international standards of quality, food safety and hygiene. Operations are in strict accordance with HACCP Food Safety Management Systems, BRC Global Standard, all EU and FDA Food Safety Regulations and as per the Guidelines of the local authority. Our facilities and processes are routinely audited and certified for compliance. The food safety management system is fully documented and consists of quality manual, procedure manual, HACCP manual, forms and formats.

Quality Control Unit

Quality Assurance Team of BD Shrimp Trading, monitors each and every step of production process to ensure compliance to food safety and quality standards, from the place of receiving to dispatching of final products. Products are evaluated for quality both online and randomly at each processing step to guarantee products with highest quality. Fully computerized data handling system of quality department guarantees 100% product tractability, to tackle with any negative consumer response.

We do comply with microbiological, chemical and hygienic parameters required by the EU, USA and all other markets. In the same time, each fish is carefully examined by our Quality Assurance Team for the Histamine levels, Mercury levels, Color, Smell, Temperature & the Freshness.

We conduct regular checks and maintenance of the premise, machines and equipments to ensure they meet safety and hygiene standards.

MasterClass Packaging

Our products are packed with plenty of gel ice (+ dry ice) in order to maintain the best product quality. All products are maintained at 0°C until they are dispatched from our factory to ensure total freshness.

Finished products are sampled and tested for quality before they are packed in food-grade packaging materials that will keep them safe from contamination during storage and transportation.

Super Freezer Storage

Besides keeping our frozen fish and seafood in normal freezers, we also have super freezer that can reach -40ºC where we store super frozen seafoods to maintain quality.

Research & Development

Our processing facility is equipped with high grade machines and equipments used in food manufacturing. We study and upgrade our processes through vigorous monitoring and validation methodology. Through adopting the latest technologies and innovation, we strive to produce better and new products. We exercise high level of control over product quality and guarantees product integrity.