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King Prawn/Scampi

Origin : Bangladesh
Source : Natural Farming
Process : Raw & Cooked
Availability : Stock Available

100% Organic and Natural Farming Shrimps

Freshwater King Prawn is commonly known as the Giant River Prawn, Giant Freshwater King Prawn or Scampi. This is well known for its distinctive bold, sweet, firm-textured meat. Raw headless shell on King Prawns tastes amazing when fried in butter, chillies, garlic, ginger and coriander!

It is one of the biggest freshwater prawns in the world and is widely cultivated in Bangladesh for food. Best quality Head On/Head Less King Prawns block frozen and IQF available at BD Shrimp Trading, Bangladesh.

The freshwater shrimp has a delicate, sweet flavor, somewhat like lobster, and firm, white flesh. They have a bright blue tail, long legs and antennae. They are predominantly brownish in color but can vary. Smaller individuals may be greenish in color and display faint vertical stripes. These large raw fresh water prawns weigh between 85 grams and 125 grams. We are available to supply King Prawn mainly from October to March.

Mostly farm raised scampi is meaty, moderately tender; light colored and has a more pronounced flavor than other species.

A Short View Of King Prawn/Scampi

Scientific Name:
  Macrobrachium Rosenbergii
In Bangladesh:
  Freshwater Shrimp/King Prawn/Golda Chingri
  Wild Caught Natural Farming
Peak Season:
  October to March
Processing Type:
  Raw & Cooked
Freezing Type:
  Block Frozen, Semi-IQF & IQF
Production Types:
  • Raw Head-on Shell-on (HOSO)
  • Raw Headless Shell-on (HLSO)
  • Raw Head-On Shell-On IWP
  • Raw Headless Easy Peeled (Grill Cut/Deep Cut)
  • Raw Headless Easy Peeled (Butterfly Cut)
  • Cooked Headless Shell On (HLSO)
  • Peeled & Deveined (Tail On/Tail Off)
  • Peeled & Deveined Tail On (PDTO) Butterfly Marinated
  • Peeled and Un-deveined (PUD)
  • Peeled and Un-deveined (PUD) Skewer
Available Size:
  2/4,   4/6,   6/8,   8/12,   13/15,   16/20,   21/25,   26/30,   31/40.
Packing Style:
  6x4 Lbs.,   6x700 gm,   6x800 gm,   10x1 kg,   5x2 Lbs,   10x2 Lbs.
  1.25 is the standard uniformity for all sizes. It means 10% largest vs. 10% smallest shrimps per unit.
  Shrimps will have natural flavor and odor. Used only freshly harvested shrimps. No bad color or flavor are allowed.
  All shrimp have uniformity of natural color, size and good condition within a unit. No bad color or flavors are allowed.
  All products are produced by followed HACCP based GMP, SOP, and SSOP. All production related workers always maintain personal hygiene and sanitation.

Note: We may produce and supply any specified Size/ Variant/ Packet Variety/Value addition for either Buyers’ Brands and/or Packer’s– as per Buyers’ Requirements.

Scampi Categories

Frozen Type: Block Frozen, Semi-IQF & IQF

King Prawn Head-On (HOSO)

Processing: HOSO With & Without Claw, Body Peeled, IWP
Frozen Type: Block Frozen & IQF

King Prawn Headless (HLSO) / Tail

Processing: HLSO, Easy Peeled, Butterfly
Frozen Type: Block Frozen & IQF

King Prawn Peeled & Deveined (P&D)

Processing: P&D (Tail On/Off), Butterfly
Frozen Type: Block Frozen & IQF

King Prawn Peeled & Undeveined (PUD)

Processing: PUD Tail Off, Skewer
Frozen Type: Block Frozen & IQF

King Prawn Peeled Deveined Tail-on (PDTO)

Processing: PDTO Butterfly, Butterfly Marinated
Frozen Type: Block & IQF

King Prawn Cooked Items

Processing: HOSO, HLSO, P&D, PDTO, PUD & Skewer