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Fresh Octopus

Origin : Bangladesh
Source : Wild Caught
Process : Raw/Cooked
Availability : Stock Available

Premium Quality Octopus from Bangladesh

Octopus may not sound very appetizing to those that have never tried it. Octopus is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, and is a good low-fat source of protein that's high in vitamin B12.

BD Shrimp Trading sources the best octopus products around the world. Our stringent selection process ensures a consistently high quality in our products. Every piece is cleaned, processed and packed within hours of harvesting to preserve its natural freshness and taste to the highest international standards.

Our soft-bodied Octopus are caught in one of the world’s finest fishing grounds, the coast of Bangladesh. These trap wild caught Octopus delivers a tender, sweet flavor and are packed with protein! No preservatives and chemicals are used in the process. We insist only premium quality and fresh flavours delivered in convenient, ready-to-use packaging.

A Short View Of Soft-bodied Octopus

Scientific Name:
In Bangladesh:
  Wild Caught
Peak Season:
  All Year Round
Processing Type:
Freezing Type:
  IQF & BQF (block quick frozen)
Production Types:
  • Raw Whole Cleaned Octopus IQF
  • Raw Whole Cleaned Octopus BQF
  • Raw Whole Uncleaned Octopus IQF
  • Raw Whole Uncleaned Octopus BQF
  • Whole Round Octopus Cooked
  • Raw Tentacle Cut
  • Cooked Tentacle Cut
  • Raw Small Cut
  • Raw Small Cut Boiled
  • Raw Ring Cut
Available Sizes:
  300-500,   500-1000,   1000-2000,   2000-3000,   3000 grams/pc
Packing Style:
  As per buyer’s instruction.
  100% Natural, No Moisture Additives of Preservatives.
  Free from Antibiotic
  All Octopuses have uniformity of natural color, size and good condition within a unit. No bad color or flavors are allowed.
  All products are produced by followed HACCP based GMP, SOP, and SSOP. All production related workers always maintain personal hygiene and sanitation.

Note: We may produce and supply any specified Size/ Variant/ Packet Variety/Value addition for either Buyers’ Brands and/or Packer’s– as per Buyers’ Requirements.

Common Octopus Categories

Frozen Type: IQF, Block Frozen

Whole Cleaned Octopus

Processing: Whole Round, Cooked
Frozen Type: IQF, Block Frozen

Whole Uncleaned Octopus

Processing: Whole Round
Frozen Type: IQF, Block Frozen

Cleaned & Cut Octopus

Processing: Tentacle Cut, Small Cut, Cooked
Frozen Type: IQF

Octopus Cooked Items

Processing: Whole Round, Small Cut