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Cat Tiger Shrimp

Origin : Bangladesh
Source : Natural Farming
Process : Raw & Cooked
Availability : Stock Available

100% Organic and Natural Farming Shrimps

Cat tiger Shrimp is also known as the cocktail shrimp or flower shrimp or rainbow shrimp. This medium sized marine species shrimp is well known for its distinctive bold, sweet, firm-textured meat. Black Tiger shrimp is available year-round and is one of Asia’s major aquaculture products. Best quality Head On/Head Less Cat Tiger shrimps block frozen and IQF available at BD Shrimp Trading, Bangladesh.

Cat Tiger has a pale brown body which sometimes shows a greenish tint on the carapace with two yellow or cream tansvers bands across the back of the carapace. The abdomen is banded with brownish grey and pale yellow transverse bands, while the antennae are banded brown and yellow. It has a uniformly smooth carapace and abdomen. The rostrum has 7 or 8 dorsal teeth and 3 ventral teeth. The atrodrostral crest and groove, the carina, extends beyond the epigastral tooth with the post-rostral carina almost reaching to the rear of the carapace. The maximum total length is 180mm for males and 228mm for females, weighing up to 130 g.

Cat Tiger grows in Black Tiger culture ponds and are naturally found in Bangladesh and India. This shrimp is meaty, firm textured and mild in flavor. When cooked, Cat Tiger shrimp turns into a nice pink colour making it very popular in Europe.

A Short View Of Cat Tigers Shrimp

Scientific Name:
  Penaeus Semisulcatus
In Bangladesh:
  Cat Tiger/Cocktail/Flower Shrimp
  Wild Caught Natural Farming
Peak Season:
  November to February
Processing Type:
  Raw, Cooked & Blanched
Freezing Type:
  Block Frozen & IQF
Production Types:
  • Raw Head on Shell on (HOSO)
  • Cooked Head-On Shell On (HOSO)
  • Headless Shell on (HLSO)
  • Cooked Headless Shell On (HLSO)
  • Peeled & Deveined (Tail On/Tail Off)
  • Peeled and Un-deveined (PUD)
  • Cooked P&D, PUD & PDTO
  • and many more ...
Available Size:
  41/50,   51/60,   61/70   71/90,   91/120,   100/200,   200/300,   300/500,   and Broken.
Packing Style:
  6x4 Lbs.,   6x2 Kg,   6x1.8 Kgs,   6x1.5 kgs,   6x1.2 kgs,   10x1 Kg,   5x2 Lbs,   10x2 Lbs.   or As per buyer’s request
  All Natural, STPP, as per buyer’s request
  1.30 is the standard uniformity for all sizes. It means 10% largest vs. 10% smallest shrimps per unit.
  All shrimp have uniformity of natural color, size and good condition within a unit. No bad color or flavors are allowed.
  All products are produced by followed HACCP based GMP, SOP, and SSOP. All production related workers always maintain personal hygiene and sanitation.

Note: We may produce and supply any specified Size/ Variant/ Packet Variety/Value addition for either Buyers’ Brands and/or Packer’s– as per Buyers’ Requirements.

Cat Tiger Categories

Frozen Type: Block, Semi-IQF & IQF

Cat Tiger Head-On (HOSO)

Processing: Head-on Shell-on (HOSO)
Frozen Type: Block & IQF

Cat Tiger Headless (HLSO)

Processing: Headless Shell-on (HLSO)
Frozen Type: Block & IQF

Cat Tiger Peeled & Deveined (P&D)

Processing: Reguler Cutting, Skewer
Frozen Type: Block & IQF

Cat Tiger Peeled & Undeveined (PUD)

Processing: Reguler Cutting, Skewer
Frozen Type: Block & IQF

Cat Tiger Peeled Deveined Tail-On (PDTO)

Processing: Reguler Cut, Skewer
Frozen Type: Block & IQF

Cat Tiger Cooked Items

Processing: HOSO, HLSO, P&D, PDTO, PUD